Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010 Youth Poetry Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2010 Youth Poetry Contest! We are so proud of all of you! Below are the winning poems that were submitted here at the Dorris van Doren Regional Branch. You can also check out the complete listing of all the winning poems here.

See What I See
1st Place, 8th Grade St. Patrick's Elementary

When one falls, others rise,
The light drains from the sky,
Slowly white dots do appear,
And you have a feeling that something is near.

It is dark now but still light,
You may look out and see the city's night,
And look up and see the flashing stars,
As they wave to you and see who you are.

The gently breeze brushes by,
She's so cold and so sly,
She wills the trees to sing their song,
And they dance there all night long.

The brushes rattle as they tell their stories,
About brave fights and wonderful glories,
The curious animals gather round,
They listen hard their tongues bound.

The moon talks with its glow,
He tells you not to feel so low,
He says the love will always find,
A place in your heart and mind.

When I see this I wish you were here,
To tell me you love me in my ear,
And hold me like there's no tomorrow
As we watch in tears and in sorrow.

I see this miracle every night,
And not crying is definitely a fight,
For the beauty of it all humbles me,
If only you could see what I see.

Honorable Mentions:
4th Grade Herrera Elementary

It has flowers, fruit, and leaves
Can you guess what it is?
A tree.
Good now. What about this?
It's yellow,
Has stripes,
Gets pollen from a flower on a tree.
It's a beebeebee
That goes buzz, buzz, buzz all day long.

8th grade Guillen Middle

Across the road of a dark night,
things are going around my head.
I stare at the stars shining
of bright lights and sounds.
I can hear my dreams calling to me
North, West, East, and South.
I'll give the first step to that road
to follow my dreams,
to achieve my goals.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Saturday Movies

Our Saturday Movie Matinee continues this month with some more family friendly movies. Give us a call or stop in the library to find out which movies we're showing this month. Here's a hint: most of them are new releases and based on books. As always, free popcorn is provided!

Saturdays @ 3 p.m.