Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Friends of the Westside Libraries Week!

On November 29, the Mayor officially declared the first week of December as Friends of the Westside Libraries Week! A Friends group is a group of individuals who work together to raise money for their neighborhood library. Money that is collected through book sales and other fundraising events is used to purchase books and provide funding for library programs. Most of our library branches here in El Paso have a Friends group that you can join or support. Visit this page to view a listing of local groups and contact information.

If you have ever attended a music, children, or teen program at the Dorris Van Doren or Westside Branches, it was most likely funded by our Friends group. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't be able to provide refreshments, craft programs, and concerts for free to the public. Our annual Summer Reading Club is also partly funded by the Friends. The City provides us with a very small book and materials budget, but the Friends are able to help supplement that budget.

We are very grateful to our Friends group for all of their hard work, and hope that you'll join us in celebrating them by thanking them, becoming a member, and purchasing items from The Bookmark. The Bookmark is their used bookstore, located near the Westside Post Office at 7348 Remcon Circle. The store also accepts book and magazine donations.

Friends of the Westside Libraries Week Celebration Sale! 
50% off sale happening from Wednesday, November 30 through Saturday, December 3.

The Bookmark's Hours of Operation:
Closed Sunday-Tuesday
Wednesday 3-6 pm
Thursday 9 am-3 pm
Friday 3-8 pm
Saturday  9 am-3 pm