Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Food Day 2015 in Pictures

We celebrated Food Day here at the library almost two months ago, but it's a movement that you can celebrate all year long. This national event takes place every October 24 to raise awareness about our diets and food policies. It's about changing our diets to eat real, healthy, and sustainable food, but it's also about food-related problems in our communities, food education, and farmworkers' rights.

We wanted to take the time to share pictures of our past event, and also thank all of our participants.

This group offers a weekly box of in-season, locally grown produce. Visit their site for more info or to place an order. During Food Day, they had an info table along with an adorable yarn apple craft for children. They also gave away free apples and had a photo booth for the "Apple Crunch." To view photos of El Pasoans taking part in the Apple Crunch, visit the EP True Food facebook page!

The LIGHT (Lotus Integrative Group for Health and Transformation) is a  community-based group that provides health related services including meditation sessions and classes, mind-body workshops and clinics, healthy eating classes and yoga classes. They had an info table and also gave a delicious food demonstration on Indian cooking. Participants were able to learn about the health benefits of ingredients commonly used in Indian cookery, how to sprout legumes at home, and taste a flavorful Masti Sprouts salad.

Located in Anthony, NM, this cooperative of farmers is working to produce organically-grown and fairly produced vegetables in the Southern New Mexico-El Paso region. You can find their produce at Food City supermarkets, in the El Paso True Food boxes, and at the farmers markets. They graciously donated produce from their farm to the public, as well as had a craft table for children.

Owners from this local eatery located at 7114 N. Mesa stopped by to demonstrate a refreshing cucumber salad.

Info & display Tables. Seed Libraries are coming soon to El Paso Public Libraries!
Check out these materials @ your libraries!
El Paso True Food Buying Club setting up!

The LIGHT Center demonstrating Indian cooking.

The LIGHT Center displayed ingredients used in Indian cooking.

Sprouts Masti salad demonstrated by the LIGHT Center.

Crafts @ Sol y Tierra Farms' info table.

Crafts @ Sol y Tierra Farms' info table.

Papa Pita Restaurant food demonstration.

Cucumber Salad made by Papa Pita Restaurant.

Crafts & free apples @ the El Paso True Food table.

Sugar overload display. To find out how many teaspoons of sugar your drink or snack has, divide the grams by 4.

We also handed out flyers for our forthcoming seed libraries! 
We have a lot to look forward to in the spring of 2016!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Help Name Our Mascot!

We're currently having a naming contest for our new library mascot!  She is an owl who loves to learn and explore all the library has to offer kids and their families.

We're accepting submissions until Friday, December 18.  

From the El Paso Public Library's website:

Library Director, Dionne Mack, says, “Our new mascot is a friendly reader who is passionate about literacy and learning. We want to raise awareness of the importance of reading at an early age among parents and children, as well as awareness about other programs and services.” 

The new mascot will begin visiting library branches across the city to meet children in all parts of town. Later, it will become available for special events and school functions as time permits. 

Just drop by Dorris Van Doren (or any other El Paso Public Library location) and fill out a quick card with your name idea and contact information if your suggestion is picked!

She will start making appearances early next year.  Check back for more information on her first library visits!