Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amnesty Week Feb. 23-Mar. 7, 2009

The El Paso Public Library is offering its patrons a period of amnesty beginning February 23 through March 7, 2009. During this time, anyone with overdue library materials may return them to the library without penalty. No fines will be charged during that week, provided that the library books and materials are returned in good condition.

The primary goals of the amnesty period are to encourage library patrons to return their materials AND to return to the library. “Some people amass so much in fines that they forfeit their borrowing privileges until they can afford to pay them,” says Library Director Carol Brey-Casiano. “What we are saying with this period of amnesty is we want our books and our customers back.” Those wishing to take advantage of the program should go to any public library branch, return their materials, and let the staff know that they would like amnesty.

The Library would like to encourage everyone to visit or call their nearest library branch to check on the status of their materials.

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