Friday, July 13, 2012

Cook the Book Club: June/July

What looked like a good cookbook full of colorful pictures and potluck friendly recipes turned out to be a bit of a miss. Everyone had a hard time selecting a recipe and agreed they didn't much care for the cookbook. Nigella's newest cookbook was oddly organized and many of the recipes contained hard to find ingredients. Nonetheless, good food and conversation was shared by all.

Big thanks to Lizzie for taking pictures!

It's been so hot lately, I doubt anybody has felt like cooking or being near a stove. This month's selection is perfectly seasonal and the latest offering from Cooking Light Magazine. Big Book of Salads contains over 150 recipes for starters, sides, and easy weeknight dinners.

Sign up for this month's potluck by Monday, July 16. By the way, Dorothy had the fantastic idea of bringing several storage containers. We almost always have more than enough food, so feel free to bring your own containers to take home any leftovers.

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