Friday, March 2, 2012

New Book Club!

Introducing a new kind of book club at the Dorris Van Doren Library! Every month, a cookbook will be selected, reserved, and put on display at the information desk. If more than one copy is available, you may check out the book. At the end of the month, we'll host a potluck to discuss and taste the recipes from the chosen cookbook. 

We have decided to kick off  March with The Homesick Texan Cookbook by Lisa Fain. I don't know about you, but as a native El Pasoan I've never felt comfortable calling myself a Texan. We live so far out west in Texas that it doesn't even feel like you're in Texas anymore. This fairly new cookbook offers a taste of all areas of Texas (including El Paso!) with beautiful full-color photographs and anecdotes. The book contains a wide variety of recipes that seem fairly simple to make. We hope you'll join us on Saturday, March 24 @ 2 pm for our first ever cookbook club potluck! Don't forget stop in the library by Monday, March 19 to register. 

General Guidelines:
· Browse through the book to pick a recipe that piques your interest (or taste buds).
· A Post-it note with your name will be used to mark the recipe to keep track of potluck dishes, and to keep members from choosing the same dish.
· A staff member will make a copy of your recipe for you to take home.
· Prepare your recipe, then bring it to the potluck on March 24 @ 2 pm to share with other participants.

Potluck Guidelines:
· Pre-registration prior to each monthly meeting is required. The deadline for this month is March 19. Space is limited. You will be notified if the potluck is canceled.  
· Make and bring one regular-size recipe on March 24 @ 2 pm. There is no need to double or triple recipes. 
· Recipes should be prepared at home prior to the meeting. The library kitchen has a microwave that can be used for re-heating if necessary. 
· Make sure to bring a serving utensil for the dish, as well as a beverage for yourself (the library has a soda machine, but beverages will not be provided).
· Potlucks will take place in the auditorium.

Contact us if you have more questions or suggestions!

-Lisa M., Public Services Librarian 
(915) 875-0700


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