Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Finds

Welcome to Friday Finds! This will be a new weekly blog post featuring what the Dorris Van Doren staff members are reading, watching, playing, making, or listening to. Share your finds with us here in the comments or on twitter (@elpasolibrary) and we'll retweet you!

This week, Lisa and Angie share their finds. Click on the hyperlinks for more info or to request items.


Lisa: Darth Paper Strikes Back (Book 2)
The Origami Yoda Files series is hilarious! It's pretty much about middle school with Star Wars references.
Bonus: origami instructions at the end of each book. Appropriate for grades 4 and up.
Zom-B (Book 1) & Zom-B Underground (Book 2)
This semi-new series is by Darren Shan, famous for his Cirque du Freak series. I've never read anything by Shan and am not particularly a fan of zombies (except for The Walking Dead show and graphic novels of course), but book one blew me away! Chilling beginning, good pacing, and a very unexpected ending. Bonus: takes place in London, so there's plenty of British slang. Violence, dark subject matter, and racism make this series more appropriate for grades 9 and up.
Angie: The Mane Attraction by Shelley Laurenston


Angie: Sleepy Hollow (TV show on Fox). Loves it!


Lisa: QatQi on the iPhone (free, iOS only). It's like Scrabble, but requires more strategy. Beautiful and relaxing interface.
Angie: Harvest Moon: A New Beginning on 3DS. 


Crafts for library programs and decorations:

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